Transforming the Independent Aftermarket with Technology Innovation


We want to leverage our core competencies of data, technology and industry expertise to transform the automotive aftermarket.


To be the largest DaaS (Data as a service) provider and AI solution integrator for Independent automotive aftermarket.

Value Proposition

Our comprehensive platform empowers aftermarket players to identify the exact vehicle, which significantly reduces spare part returns by achieving highest parts accuracy in the automotive marketplace.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, we are a Smart Data product company in the Automotive Aftermarket arena. Owing to our extensive knowledge and a unique understanding of the European automotive market, we help businesses transform faster by minimizing risks and improving profitability.

We understand that data and its effective utilization is at the heart of solving some of the most pressing issues faced by the aftermarket players across Europe. We have the vision to harness the power of information into insights. The Global Auto industry is going through a sea of change and digital transformation is shaping the trends strongly. Expansion, Consolidation, and Integration are the buzzwords in the European market. AutoDAP is an innovative product company which simplifies vehicle identification by providing VIN precise vehicle information, enabling exact parts identification along with extended vehicle data. We augment your data to provide intelligence which enables you to make profitable business decision.

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